"Town and Country pharmacy has been a life line for me for at least 30 years. They are not simply a pharmacy but an integral part of my health care...I have loved the girls who work there and their friendliness always makes me feel warm and friendly as if I was entering their home...I would be so disappointed if I didn't have the comfort of coming to Town and Country."


"We have utilized Town and Country Pharmacy for 10 years and have been so pleased with the personal and quick service we receive. Our prescriptions are always processed in a timely manner. They have truly gone above and beyond to help manage my wife’s prescriptions and any other complicated matter, especially handling problems with the insurance company. I can't express enough how impressed I am with your pharmacy. From the moment your staff called me to set up my account I have felt my stress level drop. Dealing with the large corporate pharmacy had been nothing but a headache. I can't thank you enough for your professionalism. Thank you again for making this difficult process that much smoother."


"Recently I required a new prescription to be fulfilled. Along the way I found out that the particular medicine I required was not often used and was manufactured by only one pharmaceutical house that now charged an extraordinary amount of money for a previously inexpensive product. At Town & Country the pharmacist, Jim, alerted me to the high cost, and the possible necessity to purchase a whole bottle of the stuff, which was far more than I required. He thereafter, and on his own, explored the possibility of obtaining the pharmaceutical in pill form from another source, but without success. However, he became aware that the item I required was available in liquid form and at the previous low price. That solved the problem. I was able to get what I required at a very reasonable cost to my account. This would not have been possible if Jim had not, quite on his own, acted resourcefully and on my behalf to find out how to best help me. Bottom line: SUPERB service."